What to Wear for Your Maternity Shoot?

Deciding what to wear for your maternity shoot can be, well, interesting. Let’s go with the word interesting. It’s probably a very stressful period for you with all the pregnancy hormones, so I can guess how annoying it might be. You’ll also, however, want your pictures to look amazing so I thought I should help with some tips on that. With these tips, you can decide on the perfect outfit to wear for your maternity shoot.

  • Go for Solid Colors

The main focus of a maternity shoot is your bump. Wearing patterns or prints tend to distract from that. With solid colors, your bump stands out the most. If you feel solid colors are drab and you want prints, you could have your partner wear them instead. You could also bring in some bright accessories to compliment your look.

  • Wear A Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a massive hit for a maternity shoot for a lot of reasons. One of them is that they are incredibly comfortable. When pregnant, comfort is one of the top things to go for. It also looks great on a pregnant body and is incredibly flattering. Maxi dresses are great at covering things you don’t want to be seen and can also be pulled against your belly to show off your adorable bump. You should definitely wear a maxi dress for your shoot.

  • Use A Belt

Belts are great at accentuating your belly. For your photoshoot, you should put the belt just where your belly starts. It will help create a waistline that shows off your bump even more. Belts look great when combined with shirts and dresses. They will also not come across as too overpowering in your pictures.

  • Wear Something Tight

A tight bodycon dress can be a great way to show off your pregnancy figure if you are comfortable with it. Pregnancy is beautiful, and with tight clothing, you can show off your gorgeous pregnant curve and prove that you are proud of it.

  • Wear Something Timeless

When you wear something timeless for your maternity shoot, you can always look back on it with happiness. You don’t want to put on some weird trending fashion now and feel regret every time you look at your picture in the future. A great option is a simple top, jeans and a nice pair of boots. You can then add some accessories to make it look better. With maternity shoots, there’s nothing wrong with going simple.