THINGS I DO during Covid-19

Even thought there are still certain restrictions due to COVID-19 I am now taking bookings for :

Virtual Newborn Sessions (please read about the details of the session on my other website here:

or book it here:

I also take booking for outdoor sessions yet which would take a place just before the sunset . The location could be on the desert or on the beach.

And finally I am so exited to announce that I am taking bookings for pet's portraits sessions in my studio in Al Barsha. So if you have pets and have always been thinking of taking professional portrait of your pets, this is the time to do so as I am offering it at the introductory price at the moment and you don't want to miss your opportunity to having a beautiful portrait of another member of your family (your pet!) at a fraction of a cost. All you need to do once you book your session, bring your pet and it's favorite treat and assist me handling your pet during the session . And I ask to keep your mask and gloves on during the 30-45 min of the session.

I have to also mention that apart from the usual things that I do in my studio at all times, like washing and sanitizing hands, cleaning my studio after each client and washing fabrics after each use, I take all the necessary extra precautions at these times like wearing mask and gloves during the whole session, keep 2 m distance with my clients, minimum 48 hours between each client. And, even though my studio is located within the huge premisses of my house, it has its own private entrance and no one member of my family is allowed inside my studio! :)

Safety First!

Contact me today to find out more or book your session.