How to have a virtual baby shower

If there’s one thing we can all admit it’s that we all didn’t really see this coronavirus pandemic coming or getting to this extent. For expectant mothers, it would have been even more disrupting. One minute you were thinking you should start planning for your baby shower and the next minute you have to stay away from most people because of social distancing. This, of course, meant that your in-person baby shower idea had to be cancelled. But the good news is that you can still celebrate with your friends. How you ask? The Virtual Baby Shower! The virtual baby shower has the same concept of your normal baby shower except that it’s all online and you and your friends can celebrate no matter the distance. Great news, right? So, how do you prepare for a virtual baby shower during this pandemic? keep reading!:) • You’ll Need Technology Since a virtual baby shower is online, you’ll, of course, know that you need an internet connection for one. You will also need a virtual place to meet up. Think of it like you and your friends would have needed to meet together in one place for a physical baby shower, you’ll need a meeting place for your virtual one. You can pick from any of the following: WebBabyShower Zoom Skype Facetime Facebook Messenger Google Hangouts The WebBabyShower website exists just for virtual baby showers and offers all that you’ll need for your virtual baby shower in one place at a low price. All the rest are video chat services which depending on your device and preferences, can be used to host your baby shower online. • You’ll Need to Choose A Host After deciding on which of the above online places you’ll be using for your virtual baby shower, the next step is to choose a host. In the case of a virtual baby shower, it is expected that the parents with a baby on the way are the hosts. You can still choose for a close friend or family member to host, however, especially if you live with them. • Send Out Your Virtual Invitations Send physical invites by mail if you want but if you decide to go all virtual, you’ll have lots of designs to choose from. You can send invitations with lots of features like links to your registry and the event page. Remember to also design and send out virtual Thank-Yous 1-2 weeks after your baby shower. • Decide on Your Decorations Your event may be happening online, but your guests will still see the room you’re in, on camera. So, by all means, go ahead and decorate It! :) It’ll help set the theme and a mood for your party. Just remember that your décor should be camera ready. Examples are wall hangings and balloons. If you want to coordinate your decorations, you can send a box containing the same decorations or similar ones to all your guests before the day you’ve chosen for your baby shower and ask them to put them up on that day. • Choose Your Virtual Baby Shower Games While some baby shower games are better suited to physical showers, some are great for virtual baby showers too. Games like guess the number of jelly beans, the price is right, the name that baby song game and bingo can be conveniently played on video chat during your baby shower. For the price is right, an appointee can hold the item up to the screen. Everyone can then try to guess the price. This will surely get everyone talking and laughing. Just because you’re not all in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t play games and have prizes to win. • Opening the Gifts at Your Virtual Baby Shower Opening gifts from your friends is also possible at your virtual baby shower. All you have to do is get everyone to send in their gifts before the baby shower so you can open them on camera. You can also ask guests to hold onto their gifts and then open it themselves during the shower. They can then have the gifts delivered to you afterward. You can even do a mixture of both if some of your friends are not able to get their gifts to you on time. • Don’t Forget the Favors These are little tokens that will let your guests know that they’re appreciated and make them feel like they’ve actually been to a party and not just a regular video chat.