5 Tips for Taking DIY Newborn Pictures with A Smartphone

It’s no news that due to the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become vital to our survival. This means that a lot of the regular activities that accompanied the birth of your new baby, are sometimes not possible. It’s okay though, we’ll get through this.

If you were dreaming of your newborn's first photo session , but decided that now isn't a good time for it, that's okay too as you can capture your newborn's first days of life by yourself ,of course, whether with you phone or a camera. In light of that, here are 5 tips on taking DIY newborn pictures with your smartphone at home.

  • Do Your Research

Don’t worry, we don’t mean like the college research with all the stress lol. You’ll like doing this one. Get on sites like Pinterest and put together a list of baby poses that you love. Start with some simple ones and don’t forget to print your list out when done.

  • Put Together Your Props

A cute teddy, a nice beanie, a colorful rattle, etc. Make a small collection of cute personal items that you’d want to include in your newborn photos. Keep them together and aside so you can find them when you’re ready.

  • Sort Out Your Clothes

What clothes will you and your baby wear for the photos? Make sure that they are clean, ironed and kept ready. You probably shouldn’t wear them until the day of the shoot too so that they don’t get dirty.

  • Take Stock of The Lighting

Think about where you’ll get the best light for your pictures and at what time of the day. Walkthrough as many rooms of your house as you can before you make the decision. You want adequate natural light and you want enough space to be able to position yourself and your baby properly in that light.

  • The Equipment That You’ll Need

For your DIY Newborn pictures, you’ll need the following items:

Your smartphone or your holiday camera. If you have a DSLR, it’ll be even better!

A tripod or phone floor stand

A phone holder

A remote control for your phone

Towels, large throws and/or large pieces of fabric. Try to get these in solid colors.

Clips for stretching your fabric or blanket canvass.

With all of the above, you’ll be well set on your way for some amazing DIY pictures of your newborn. Best of luck!

If you would like your newborn photos to look more professional, especially if you wanted to do the larger fine art/canvas print later on, then definitely go for shooting with DSLR. I will be happy to help you with this.

I just launched my virtual newborn photo sessions! You will have the option to join me on a live Face Time or Zoom Call and I will guide you through setting up your props, posing & handling your baby. You’ll learn which settings to use on your DSLR, and I will also show you how to accomplish the best photos at just the right angle.

Once your newborn photography session is complete, you can send your favorite captures to me for professional editing. This package comes with a one-hour virtual newborn photography session along with 5 professionally edited photos. Great right? Contact me today!