4 Ways to Make Your Family Portraits More Creative

Any photos of your family are special, but candid family portraits are always more meaningful. Plus, they make for fun prints for your house and photo albums.

It’s all good and well to choose the best location and make sure the lighting is right, but what can you do to add a creative touch to your next set of family portraits?

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Add Some Action to the Mix.

Plan to do something that requires movement during your next family photo session. This action is the perfect foundation for beautiful candid shots. The more fun your family is having, the more natural your smiles and reactions are. This could be anything from jumping and running to playing a game of tag.

  • Try as Many Combinations as Time Allows.

Make a point of capturing as many group variations as possible. This includes everyone in the family, just the kids, the grandparents and the kids, and each parent and the kids. You could even take a few couple shots for a romantic touch near the end of your session. These different combinations give you more ways to creatively display your family photos in our home.

  • Ignore Your Photographer and Go with the Flow.

Some of the best shots happen during those in-between moments. Try to forget your photographer is even there and focus on enjoying this time with your family. Chat, take in your surroundings, and play. Your photographer will take care of the rest. Don’t worry if one of your kids cries or someone gets splashed with water, your photographer will make it work. Trying to control your session will only lead to unnecessary stress.

  • Have a Posing Competition.

Getting silly also makes for creative family portraits. Have some fun with your kids by engaging in a posing competition. See who can strike the weirdest and coolest poses, using a playful or colorful wall as your backdrop. This doesn’t need to make your entire session either – it just breaks things up and keeps your kids entertained at the same time.

If you need ideas for themes for your family portrait session or you have a specific vision, speak to your photographer. They can guide you in terms of where to shoot, what to wear, and what props to incorporate if any.