4 tips on how to stay active during pandemic 2020

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, life, as we know it, has changed. Some planned weddings when others got stuck in other countries and can't get back home to their loved ones. It certainly is very hard for everyone to keep up with all the changes that is happening at the moment around the world, and many people are stressed out, especially for those who have been separated from their families, for those who lost their loved ones from this virus, for those who lost jobs, or those who live alone..

The most frustrating thing is the uncertainty when you’re not even sure when, if ever, you can get back to normal lifestyle that you used to have before the pandemic. What we thought would be fixed in a few weeks seems to be taking forever to solve.

In any case, if we keep our mind positive we will eventually get there. I know it is easier said than done, but one thing I am sure about these days is that we can help each other to overcome perhaps the biggest challenge in our lives.

How can we help each other and most importantly how can we help ourselves to stay positive.

The thing about staying at home for so long is that even when you have work, you’ll still get bored quickly and will most likely run out of activities to occupy yourself. Work only takes so many hours in a day. So here are some tips and tricks which will help you stay positive while you’re stuck at home.

  • Keep Your Body and Mind Active

Staying at home comes with the temptation to put up your feet and do a lot less. Don’t fall into that trap. A couple days of doing nothing gets boring very quickly. Find ways to keep your body active. Put on your favorite song and dance to the music. It’ll get you smiling and give your heart an excellent workout. You could also do some home workout or yoga.

When last did you catch a new show on TV? Yes, yes, I know it’s fun to watch your favorite show a thousand times, but a new TV or radio show could surprise you and be good too. Don’t forget to check up on your family and friends. Call, chat, or even send some old-fashioned snail mail and surprise someone. You’ll feel better for it. Finally, after all these brain tasking duties, relax your head with some meditation. A simple mindfulness meditation exercise can go a long way in helping you feel better.

  • Get Creative

Start an art project, learn to play an instrument, pick up a new hobby, and even try your hands at a DIY project. There are no limits when it comes to creative activities that you could do at home. You could also try to make your own cleaning products, but make sure that you follow an industry approved standard. Another way you can occupy yourself creatively is to create a new meal using a recipe or come up with your own. What’s the secret behind that awesome pasta sauce that you make? Put it down on paper or even make a video about it.

  • Do Some Tasks At Home

Tidy, mend clean, and even do some yard work if you have one. Make a to-do list each day or make a week-long list to help you stay focused. You could try prioritizing your list into things that are urgent soon, due for tomorrow or even next week. Remember to cross each item off the list as you finish it. To make this more fun, you could use colored pens or stickers to write down the tasks and also indicate when they are finished.

  • Keep Your Brain Active

Your brain as you know is a vital part of your life and needs to be continuously kept in shape too. Set out time to read a new novel or an informative book. You could also read a newspaper. Try number and word puzzles that you come across and learn a new language. You should also check out some free online courses/workshops/master classes and use them to learn a new skill. Saying that I am about to launch my new online photography workshop called "Capturing what matters" and if you have a camera , and would like to learn how to take great pictures of your kids, but not sure how to use all those buttons and settings on your camera, this is the course for you and now this is the best time to do it. During this online workshop I will teach you How to use your camera as a tool to turn what you see with your eyes into a photo and we’ll talk about how you can start shooting and preserving the most important things in your life and how to determine what to save for the pros, like me, through a family session.

And finally the best part - it is absolutely free! So sign up today and get your spot on this free online workshop.

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