3 main reasons Why I love being a Newborn Photographer

I consider myself a lucky photographer to be living and working in such a beautiful city as Dubai, and yet, my most Favourite type of photography is newborn photographer.

There are a few reasons why..

1. My most Favourite part is the snuggles, even after they’ve ores and pooped on me:), the snuggles makes it all worth it;

2. I like to challenge myself. Each newborn is individual and even at 12 of age they all have their own little personalities. Which means each session is different and unique from the neIxt. It is constant learning what makes each baby sleep, what makes them unhappy or happy, what position they like or dislike; it is constant challenge which I love, especially when I see the final results produced;

3. Creating memories. I don’t turn down families with older newborns, even if they are 1 month already. I know most newborn photographers photograph newborns until they are about 21 days old , and the main reason being for that it is al impossible to pose babies at that stage.. For me it is not about posing, but creating beautiful memories for families. As challenging as it may be sometimes, it is so rewarding to seeing parents faces when they look back at their images and hearing how they love them, knowing you made someone’s day, when your clients choose you amongst other wonderful newborn photographers in the area and travel from another city getting beautiful testimonials like this one bellow are the main reasons why I love being a newborn photographer in Dubai.

PS. I Really miss my little clients during these challenging pandemic times since three months now but.. safety of newborns and their families has always been my priority and I prefer to choose not to book physical photo sessions at the moment but offer virtual newborn sessions instead. In my next post I will explain the details how virtual photography works , so stay tuned if you are looking to do your newborn shoot and wondering how you can achieve beautiful professional photographs without having to leave your own home.


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